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Hi, I'm mathilde

A few months ago, I was in Italy with my friend Alice. We were there for a workshop wedding photography in Ostuni, that I will probably tell (and show) you more about later on. We went for business, but we both love to combine work with fun, pleasure, beaches, sun, meeting new people and good food. So we decided to stay a bit longer and enjoy life in Italy. We visited different places and all had their charms.

Our trip started in Polignano a mare, in the province of Puglia. Polignano is a small town, well known for its cuteness and its beautiful bay. We spent some time at the beach, trying to convince ourselves that the small, irregular and pointy rocks that poked in our bodies were very comfortable  At the beach, we ate the figs, mandarins and khaki fruits that were given to us by a totally random 80-year-old. He was a farmer and his harvest was so good, that he always brought some of it with him on his daily walk to the beach, to share with others. We spoke Italian with him although we don’t know the language, and it was great fun. We drank cocktails and we ate a LOT of nice pastas and pizzas and the most delicious sandwiches with buffalo mozzarella and the reddest of tomatoes that you’ve ever seen, and so much more… From culinary point of view, I can definitely say we did quite well!

However, what made this trip a really enjoyable adventure, was the fact that I spent it of my beloved friend Alice. Alice is one of the most kind-hearted people that I’ve ever met. She is vulnerable and strong, beautiful inside and outside, she is silly and wise, she is quiet or loud if you’re willing to listen, and her warmth and passion about life and love make me so happy. Alice has got the rare talent to really see people, and get straight to their hearts. I can’t even find words to describe her properly, she is one of a kind.

Alice, spending these ten days with you was just awesome, and I am looking forward to more adventures, cocktails, beaches (sandy beaches!), sunshine, workshops, shoots and laughter together <3  I am crazy about you (and you know it), xx

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