Pre-wedding loveshoot in Keukenhof and Amsterdam – Samuel & Sophia

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Hi, I'm mathilde

Yes!!! Last weekend my sabbatical came to an end… with a big BANG! This pre-wedding loveshoot in the Keukenhof and Amsterdam was the first photoshoot I did. And boy oh boy, am I excited to share the results with you! 

Samuel and Sophia came all the way from Lille, France for this loveshoot(!). I feel so honored and humbled that they have chosen me to be their pre-wedding photographer in Amsterdam! They will get married in a few weeks, and they wished to have a collection of beautiful photographs of themselves in their wedding attires, to display at their wedding in Hong Kong.

My jaw dropped when I first saw them, both Samuel and Sophia looked SO good! I totally swooned over the Rosa Clara wedding dress that Sophia wore, it was so beautiful and elegant with the lace, just perfect.

We started our pre-wedding photoshoot in the Keukenhof: a large park in Lisse, famous for its flower overload. Tulips in all colors, shapes and sizes, blossom trees, fountains… A romantic background for Samuel and Sophia in their wedding attires. They had never done a photoshoot by a professional photographer before and they were a bit excited in the beginning, but when I asked them some questions about each other, they got to feel at ease and after a few minutes everything went completely natural.

We continued the loveshoot in Amsterdam with a more casual, stylish and urban look. Starting off at the Museumplein, with its beautiful and classical buildings like the Concertgebouw and Rijksmuseum, we slowly walked to the canals that Amsterdam is so famous for. By that time, the sun had started to set, which is my favorite part of the day for taking photographs. The soft, golden light gave a beautiful and intimate glow to the photos, and the colors are so yummy I could eat them 

Samuel and Sophia, I totally loved to get to know you, and to spend this beautiful day with you. I want to thank you for your trust, so I could do some experiments. Even when you had no clue what I was doing, you just were so willing to work together with me without hesitating. It was a great pleasure! You are a super sweet couple and I loved to see how you are so fond of each other  I am sure your wedding will be lovely and I wish you a beautiful and long life together  xxx

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