Maternity shoot Qatar – Arun & Sminu

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I proudly present to you… Loveshoots in Qatar, part two! (Don’t know what this is about? Read my blogpost about my adventure in Qatar, part 1 :))

This photoshoot with Arun and Sminu is not an ‘ordinary’ loveshoot (as far as shoots get ordinary when you have 2 beautiful people in love in front of your camera ;-)), but… it is a maternity shoot!

I was so lucky to get to know these two lovebirds before I went to Qatar for a business trip. I met them through facebook, we’ve been talking a lot before I got there and it felt so familiar from the start. Just like a family member (or a younger version of my dad, haha), Arun checked if I arrived safely at my hotel,  offered me to take me on a tour through Doha, and insisted on driving me anywhere, if I needed a ride from one end of the (large!) city to the other… And so happened – on my first day in Doha, we spent the whole afternoon and evening scouting for locations for the maternity shoot, and we went out for dinner and drinks together. Their hospitality was just beyond words, and it made me feel so at home, in this place far away from Amsterdam.

The shoot itself was lovely as well. Sminu was about 33 weeks pregnant, and had a gorgeous baby bump in her flowy dress. After the first photoshoot-nerves were tackled, Arun and Sminu seemed as if they did photoshoots every day. They were so easy to photograph, you can really tell they are fond of each other, and excited to become mom and dad! I was a great pleasure for me to be around them for this shoot, and I definitely enjoyed the dinner afterwards as well! 

Arun and Sminu, I was blown away by your warm hearts and your sweet souls. I am sure you will be the most loving parents to your baby, and I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks for trusting me, and thanks for your hospitality too… my trip to Qatar wouldn’t have been so enjoyable without you!!

PS Please send me photographs of your baby when he/she is born! Can’t wait to see what he/she will look like 

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