International wedding photographer – Favorites of 2013

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Internationaal bruidsfotograaf met een matig ernstige obsessie met fotoboeken.Maak me wakker voor een mango lassi in het zonnetje, voor dansjes en gezelligheid met de mensen van wie ik houd. 

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Woohoo! It’s Valentine’s day! And I feel this is a perfect day to catch up on blogging again  2013 has been a crazy year for me. I got to know some great new people, I made beautiful travels, I did awesome workshops of the world’s top international wedding photographers, and I’ve shot more (destination) weddings and portrait sessions than ever. So now I’ve got a BUNCH of beautiful photographs sitting on my hard drive, waiting impatiently to be shown to you 

I’ll try to write blogposts more regularly from now on  (it’s my belated New Year’s Resolution, haha) and although it may be a bit late, I hope you still enjoy viewing my wedding favorites of 2013!  Let me know what you think!

And don’t forget… if you want to stay in touch and be updated about my most recent work, do stop by (or like!) my facebook page. Happy New Year everyone! Hahahaha!

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