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Hi, I'm mathilde

If you follow me on facebook, you sure know that I just returned from a photography business trip to Qatar. I was invited to go there by my friend and very talented colleague Tasneem AlSultan, wedding photographer from Dubai. She works in the entire Arab world; and now she asked me to shoot a wedding with her in Qatar. I am always in for an adventure, so I didn’t need much time to think that over; without hesitating I said YES to the invitation. So 9 days later I was in Qatar. Life can be crazy sometimes 

I decided to spend my time there well, and what is a better way to get to know the area and the locals, than by doing a photoshoot in Doha, the capital (and only :)) city of Qatar?

Matt and Lindsey are a couple from the US and they have lived in Qatar for 1 year, together with their 3 young (and cute!) sons. I was honored to have Matt and Lindsey all for myself on this sunny afternoon  Life with 3 kids can be demanding sometimes and they definitely enjoyed the quality time spent together during the shoot!

I particularly loved the fact that they were so comfortable, I felt that they trusted me completely. I could ask them anything and they would do it: go on a rooftop in the historical center (who knew how robust the roofs are there anyways!), standing under palmtrees while they had no idea what I was doing, answering the silly questions I asked them… they really went with the flow, and it shows in the pictures… I loved it! 

Matt and Lindsey, I hope you will enjoy the memory of these beautiful hours spent together, thanks for trusting me with it! All the best to you and your sweet baby boys 

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