Bruidsfotograaf Amsterdamse bos ~ Wedding photographer Amsterdam – Allert & Isabel

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Internationaal bruidsfotograaf met een matig ernstige obsessie met fotoboeken.Maak me wakker voor een mango lassi in het zonnetje, voor dansjes en gezelligheid met de mensen van wie ik houd. 

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Ha, ik ben Nadia

Every once in a while, you meet new people and they make you feel a bit sorry for yourself. Do you know that feeling?

You meet them, and from the first second there are good vibes in the air. And it’s fun, and laughter, and maybe there are some more serious talks too. And when the time passes by, and you think you’re 100% happy…  you suddenly realize that it’s more like 95% happy and 5% sad.

Allert and Isabel are not only saddening people, but also funny, creative, sweet and so in love. I totally fell for them when I read their first email. Isabel wrote me that they were looking for a wedding photographer in Amsterdam, to capture their relaxed outdoor wedding in the woods(!). She said: “The atmosphere in your photographs makes me feel like I want to be part of that world too”. Such beautiful words, I felt humbled and couldn’t wait to get to know who they were.

So… we met in a cafe 5 minutes from my home (and 2 minutes from theirs), we talked talks, we drank drinks, we laughed, it clicked, and I got all warm, fuzzy and jumpy when they told me I was going to be their wedding photographer. 

There were way too many awesome elements to the wedding of Allert and Isabel to describe them all. But let’s try:
– Allert went to a barber (yay! Grooms, do yourself & me a favour: go for that kind of stuff! Do it!) and the light was aaahhhmazing
– Isabels dress was in stunning vintage style, and fitted her pregnant belly super beautifully
– There were sweet friends who made me feel super at home around them (Annemarie & Sanne, thank you! <3)
– There was this intimate setting in the woods with lots of earthy details
– But most of all I LOVED the vows that Allert and Isabel wrote for each other. Personal, funny, warm and emotional; they spoke the most beautiful words to declare why they love each other so madly.

And let’s face it guys: vintage dress or not, awesome barber rituals or not… that love is what the whole getting married thing is all about, right? And it couldn’t have been better. Just didn’t want this day to stop.

So yes. Allert and Isabel, I do feel 5% sad for myself now that I know you… Why? Because it’s so tragic that we haven’t met before :/
But I guess the 95% happy for knowing you now makes up for that Can’t wait for the future, to cuddle your already legendary baby, have fun, BBQs, talks, laughs and drinks together (only stop pouring me so much wine, Allert!). Looking forward to having you as a part of my world outside photography as well. Tight hugs! xx 

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